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Announcing Validity version Validity of Double

The Validity instance of Double and Float have been the most frequently modified and most controversial part of the validity library. This post announces validity- and discusses the changes.

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Cursors, Part 1: Introduction with the List Cursor

This is the first post in a series about cursors. It explores the motivation behind cursors and uses the list cursor as an example.

Disclaimer: cursor is a library based off the concepts outlined in this blog post. It originated in the work on smos, a Purely Functional Semantic Editor.

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Date 2018-10-28

Smos: Writing a Purely Functional Semantic Editor

This is the first post in a long series of posts documenting the process of developing Smos. Smos is a purely functional semantic editor of a subset of YAML that is intended to replace Emacs' Org-mode for Getting Things Done.

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Job Ad: Part-time Remote Virtual Assistant

Help Wanted: Part-time Remote Virtual Assistant

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Announcing `exchangerates`

This post announces the new exchangerates library. It allows you to fetch exchange rates from the website. Formerly

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